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Expand Your Personal Style

It's 2022! Here is the First Step to Renew and Revamp Your Style!

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The new year always gets us in the mood to try something new, feel something new, or be something new. I never encourage people to change themselves however, taking steps to improve yourself is always rewarding. If upping or refreshing your style is on that list, I am your girl!

There are so many tips that I could give you but the main one that has stayed tried and true, no matter where you are in your fashion journey, is an inspiration board. Inspiration is...

When is the last time you said "THANK YOU" to your closet?

Say thank you to your closet, it will thank you back!
Too often we approach our closet with a lot of angst. A common “I have nothing to wear” or “I hate everything in my closet” attitude is heard more often than not. When we look at our closet this way we are too busy hating it to make room for the MAGIC that could be.

Saying "THANK YOU" to your closet and giving it the gratitude that it deserves (for clothing you, for providing you all...

"Stop trying to be perfect, and just start trying."

stop trying to be perfect, and just start tryingThere is this misconception about style.

It is, that if you are stylish you always know how to perfectly put things together. Some people feel that fashion is unattainable because if you don't know how to create the perfect outfit then you minus well not try at all.

I am here to tell you, that is not how style works. Style is all about learning and trying. Fashion is more about the courage to try new styles, new silhouettes, and things you might not consider wearing at face-value.

Style IS NOT about being perfect.

Sure there...

Release the pressure about being fashionable, NO one taught you...

Release the pressure about being fashionable, NO one taught you...

Fashion advice video from yours truly. The first step is to release the pressure you have on yourself to be in style, no one taught you how. You did not go to school for this yet, it is one of the major things we put on ourselves to know.

This video introduces you to the mission of the WEAR JOY Project and the difference between fashion and style. How we have grown up in a society that has given you self-doubt and not confidence. I am here to reverse this... join me!

How to make your wardrobe 10x bigger for free...

How to make your wardrobe 10x bigger for free...

DRUMROLLLLL… here is one of my BIGGEST style and fashion tips. This will help you feel like you have 10x your wardrobe and I’m so excited to share this with you. Are you ready?

MAKE A PINTEREST BOARD. I have a Pinterest board titled “Inspiring Daily Style” where I pin any outfits I like, this helps me use my closet to their full potential and creates new outfits in my closet. Most likely you are not using your clothes to their full potential, and here I'll show you how