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Here is the First Step to Renew and Revamp Your Style!

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Are you in the mood to try something new, feel something new, or be something new? I never encourage people to change themselves however, taking steps to improve yourself is always rewarding. If upping or refreshing your style is on that list, I am your girl!

There are so many tips that I could give you but the main one that has stayed tried and true, no matter where you are in your fashion journey, is an inspiration board. Inspiration is such an important step in style. It gets your creative juices going and helps you envision your already existing clothes in a new way. Even me who has studied fashion for the last 20+ years still needs to get inspired and has my inspiration board right at my fingertips when I go to get dressed.

How do you do it?

1) I have mine on Pinterest. I have other clients who have theirs as an album on their phone. What ever place it will be easiest for you gather images you come across and access it easily when it comes time for you to be inspired.

2) Gather images: Pinterest, instagram, and the whole internet was made to be searched… use key words like “women’s winter fashion” or “women’s casual style” or “fashion for short women” or “style for curvy women”, etc. When you find images that speak to you, save them.

3) Take a step back and start to analyze and break down those outfits into the SEPARATE pieces they are wearing. You’ll start to realize, “hey I have some shorts like that… and a top similar to that I could use… and a blazer and boots that aren’t exactly the same but could work…”. It will open your eyes that you have similar pieces already and you can recreate this outfit!

4) This will also help you find the holes in your closet, meaning the things you really want that you don’t have yet to complete an outfit. There will be outfits on your board that you simply can’t complete because you have nothing in your closet that looks remotely like that. If you keep hearing yourself say something like this over and over “Man, I really wish I had wide-leg pants for this outfit” then you know maybe it’s time to go buy some wide leg pants for those outfits. This way you are not just blindly buying things, instead you already have outfits in mind for those pants.

The six pictures above are the latest ones I have added to my board. I'm currently in the stage of life where I need to change my style from high-heel fashionista to stylish mom-on-the-go. Making a shift like this can be hard, however, where did I start? With an inspiration board!

My Pinterest board has come to the rescue many times when I wasn’t feeling inspired, when I want to see my closet with new eyes, or just simply get dressed without much thought. From just glancing at it I start to feel my style flourish again!

So take the plunge, start to expand or improve your style with this simple step… create a board, gather pictures, get inspired!

xoxo, Casey 


First steps to renew and revamp your style - womens fashion - stylist - womens casual fashion

Images above from instagram accounts @andicsinger, @yuliawave, @sincerelyjules, @babiolesdezoe

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