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How to be Stylish for Holidays and Sports Events

Sometimes it's difficult to be stylish for holidays and sports events because the only thing available is gimmicky, tacky, or bold logo-type t-shirts. However, there is a simple way to dress to fit the occasion yet still stay stylish!

First rule is HAVE FUN! When you dress for holidays and sporting events skip whatever "rules" you think you are supposed to follow and have FUN at the front of your mind.

Second, is look at the color scheme of the event and go from there. For instance, when the 49ers were playing in the super bowl, I didn't reach for my 49er logo t-shirt, instead I dressed in this:

49er fashionable outfit

Ok, ok, I don't know if I can say it was super stylish but it was FUN! So I was able to root for 49ers red and gold by selecting individual pieces that were in the color scheme of the event. The only logo I had was on my hat, and to be honest, even if I didn't have that logo on my head, you would still know what team I wanted to win.

Another example is when I went to a Clippers Game. This time I didn't have any Clippers gear so I went to my closet to see what items I could find that had blue and red in it. Again I could have chosen individual pieces but I happened to find this piece that was begging me to wear it to the game:

Clippers Outfit - Plaid Jacket

I wore it with jeans, a black tank top, and a black wide-brim hat... the jacket was a hit! 

Third rule, is you can wear different variation of the colors you are working with. In the picture above, my jacket wasn't the true blue and red in the clippers logo. It was a little bit lighter blue and a redish-orange but completely still worked. As in all things fashion, bending the rules ever-so-slightly is encouraged, so don't feel like you have to match the EXACT colors of the event.

Which brings me to 4th of July. Sometimes super bold red, white, and blue can look intense so instead of your classic flag t-shirt consider something like this:

4th of July Fashionable Outfit - red white and blue - 4th of July outfits

4th of July Fashionable Outfit - red white and blue - 4th of July outfits

4th of July Fashionable Outfit - red white and blue - 4th of July outfits

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The best thing about dressing like this for holidays and/or sporting events is that you can wear these clothes again in different outfits. When you don't have logos or items that SCREAM a certain occasion you can then mix and match to create everyday ensembles.

And rule #4 remember to HAVE FUN! I feel like it needs to be said twice because we put too much pressure on ourselves to be  perfect. Remember that FUN is #1!! And with that, I will leave you with this... my husband and I going big for the 4th of July! It's a little crazy, but it sure was fun!

4th of july outfits - fourth of july - red white and blue outfits

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