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Do not put out your fire because someone else doesn't understand your flame

So much of my life I did this. I always felt too bold, too loud, too much. I was trying to fit into box after box of what my life was “supposed” to look like. If I stepped out of that box even just a little, and someone said something about it, I retracted. I was constantly putting out my own fire.


I had enough. It was my late 20s and I was DONE living by what people thought, being imprisoned by people’s opinions. They are not living my life, I AM!

It was worth the risk to keep my fire going, to be me, to give myself permission to take up space, to show my spot in this world...To share my gifts. As scary as this is, once I did this, I felt more free than I had ever felt. I felt limitless, powerful, ready.

So, wherever you’re at right now, if someone is not understanding your fire… do not put out your flame, they are not worthy of your warmth. Apply this to your career, to style, to the way you do life. You keep burning and burn bright. You are powerful, worthy, and a badass! Keep it going. ❤️🔥

xoxo, Casey

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