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Inspirational speaker who ignites unstoppable style confidence by helping women approach their closets with more joy, inspiration, and self-love.


Fashion and style can be one of the most effective tools for positive mental health if taught and used correctly. However, it can be one of the most destructive if taught and used poorly.

Unfortunately, most of us have ONLY been taught poorly.


Meet Casey, YOUR FASHION BESTIE. With over 20 years in the fashion industry, she has been a guiding light for countless women. Through her work as a stylist and her boutique on Melrose, she has empowered thousands to embrace their fashion identity and shine with style confidence.

On stage, Casey shares her remarkable two-year challenge of not buying clothes, guiding you through her mindset and fashion hacks that liberated her to maintain a stylish lifestyle throughout. This journey gave birth to her WEAR JOY METHOD, Casey's transformative approach that helps you break free from traditional style standards and overcome any fashion funk.

The WEAR JOY METHOD will teach you to make fashion choices aligned with your inner joy rather than fleeting trends. Unlike traditional stylists who prioritize "what's in style," Casey encourages you to embrace your authentic self and honor your existing wardrobe, giving you tools to enhance it without breaking the bank. She provides a system for lifelong style elevation based on personal expression, promoting self-love and positivity to deliver confidence no matter what you wear.

Casey doesn’t merely discuss clothing; she helps break through mental barriers that hold you back from elevated personal style. She also offers strategies to lessen societal pressures around image. With infectious energy, she imparts her style philosophy to those feeling stuck and unmotivated, perfect for mothers, entrepreneurs, and any woman seeking to level up.

Her mission?
To foster stronger mental health in women by normalizing a positive and empowered relationship with style and fashion.

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After Casey's talk you will:

  • Never be short of inspiration in your fashion journey.
  • Use self-love in your personal style development.
  • Embrace individuality and self-expression without fear of judgment.
  • Get dressed with less stress.
  • 10x your closet without spending a dime.
  • Feel less pressure to follow trends and more motivation to trust your instincts with clothes.
  • Combat negative self-talk while dressing.
  • Walk with more confidence no matter what you wear.



For Entrepreneurs

  • The Silent First Impression:
    Crafting Your Personal Style to Speak Volumes the Minute You Walk in the Room
  • Style Branding:
    Aligning Your Personal Image to Mirror Your Company's Brand

For Mamas:

  •  Rediscovering You:
    Finding Your Style Identity Through Life's Big Transitions (post-baby, weight loss and gain)

For Teens/Sororities:

  •  Being ME in a World Full of WE's:
    The Power and Joy of Individual Style in a Trendy World

For Women Empowerment:

  • Wearing Joy:
    Creating More Confidence, Joy, and Self-Love in What You Wear
  •  Empower Your Wardrobe:
    Transforming Negative Self-Talk into Stylish Confidence


Can't wait to hear her speak? Fill out the form below or email hello@wearjoyproject.com