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Wear Joy Project Header - Women's clothing, Style Tips, & Self-Love Practices

What is WEAR JOY....
I help you wear JOY from the inside out with style and confidence tips that truly let you express who you are and glow in your own clothes.

I teach you how to create a closet you love and get dressed with less stress through my youtube, emails, and IG/TikTok posts.


The WEAR JOY PROJECT uplifts the relationship you have with clothes to hold more joy and positivity.

WE'VE ALL BEEN TAUGHT FASHION THE WRONG WAY. We have been taught, if we are not "in" then we are "out"... and that makes us feel continuously insecure and not enough.


F* THAT. I am here to teach fashion and style a different way.

A way that helps you express your personality and radiate who you truly are. A way that you don't need a stylist to tell you what to wear. Creating a closet you love and helping you get dressed with less stress.

I am your new fashion bestie... I can't wait to teach you what I know and help you shine to be the brightest YOU you can be!

The WEAR JOY project is just that, a project:

An ongoing, constantly evolving project to find ways we can feel more comfortable in our own skin. It's here to help release societal pressures that make you think you need to BE more, BUY more, and DO more to be a women.

I'm taking my 20+ years in the fashion industry and passing my knowledge on to you.

I'm taking your “I have nothing to wear” attitude and turning it into an “I can’t wait to wear you” wardrobe.

I have a mission to change the trajectory of fashion from a look to a feeling.

The WEAR JOY project is my heart, my voice, and hopefully a place where you feel empowered.

Are you ready? LET'S GO!

xoxo, Casey Lum-Dautel

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