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"Stop trying to be perfect, and just start trying."

stop trying to be perfect, and just start tryingThere is this misconception about style.

It is, that if you are stylish you always know how to perfectly put things together. Some people feel that fashion is unattainable because if you don't know how to create the perfect outfit then you minus well not try at all.

I am here to tell you, that is not how style works. Style is all about learning and trying. Fashion is more about the courage to try new styles, new silhouettes, and things you might not consider wearing at face-value.

Style IS NOT about being perfect.

Sure there are people out there that can put together the perfect outfit that fits perfectly to their body HOWEVER that person has most likely put in the time to figuring out what works for them. I have done A TON of trial and error to get to the level of comfort I am at now. I actually STILL do trial and error... it's part of fashion!

If you wait for your outfit to be perfect, you will probably never leave the house. AND if you don't TRY with the fear of not getting it right then you'll never learn what works for you and what doesn't. You have to start somewhere and you have to allow yourself to be unsure... JUST START and the rest will follow. <3



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