I'm so glad you're here! Welcome to your new style journey...


In 2017 I went on my own personal journey to not buy clothes for one-year. At the end of my one-year I didn't feel challenged enough so I did it for TWO YEARS!

I have done a NO BUY YEAR (#365nobuy) every-other year since AND NOW teach on it.

Every year has its own rules; sometime I can sew things for myself, sometimes I can except gifts, sometimes I can buy 2nd hand, etc. 

Some people undertake a No-Buy Year for financial reasons, to reduce their carbon footprint, or to embrace minimalism—all of which are amazing motivations.

However, my main focus is to become more connected to my closet, get more creative with my wardrobe, and become more conscious and grateful for what I have. I aim to rediscover my personal style and self-expression, and realize that I have all the tools I need for a stylish life right in front of me. 

After every No-Buy Year, I  am always invigorated and happier with my closet then when the year began (can you can believe that)! I have learned many things over the years of doing this and you can find all my advice on my YouTube.

I give you mindset hacks, preparation tips, and ways to get the most out of your No-Buy Year.


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