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How does SELF-LOVE give you better style?

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Another major foundation of the WEAR JOY journey is finding self-love. That is just as much apart of this project as the actual fashion is…maybe even more so.

If we don’t have self-love we will find it very hard to have closets we love. How many times have you heard stories about people having it ALL and still not being happy? It’s because they weren’t happy with THEMSELVES first.
You can have a wardrobe full of Channel, Prada, and LV and still feel like you have nothing. Yet I know many people that have a closet full of Forever 21, thrift store items, and the occasional splurge and they feel like they have the world.

Often we buy clothes because we are trying to find our happiness and/or our identity in the pieces we are buying, hoping it will fill us up, make us whole, create an identity for ourselves. Yet if we keep doing that, we will be forever reaching and never feel fulfilled. Let’s reach inward first.

It all starts with YOU. Let’s assess… do you have self-love? Some people find it hard to admit they have it because they get it confused with self-obsession, they think self-love is selfish. This is not the case and we will get into that later… but let’s just start with the simple question “Do you have self-love?” Think about that. See where you stand. Know that this is what we will be working on in the WEAR JOY project and I ask that you give yourself permission to be open to that. Let’s start with that one question and see where that takes us.

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