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What I Wish for us in 2021...

2021 Wishes for the the Wear Joy Project - new years - positivity - mindset - confidence

We all know 2020 was full of unexpected events. Month after month we felt like a new surprise rocked our world. We felt lost, we felt trapped, we felt frozen. As much as we’re not sure if 2021 will be any better, what we do know is how we think and act can change the outcome. 

We are in charge of how we react to situations around us so if we change our goals, attitude, and energy to bring more positivity, no matter what 2021 has in store for us, we can make it a good one. The start of a new year is giving us chance to work on our resilience and choose a positive mindset for our life no matter what happens.

 What I am wishing for us for 2021:

I wish we bring life back to our closets no matter the state of lockdown. I started the pandemic strong with getting dressed up in an outfit at least once a week. Then June hit and I was way too pregnant to care. After the baby was born, finding a clean pair of sweats seemed like a treat. Now that Blakely is 6+ months old, laundry is getting done more often, and I have a fire lit under my ass, I'm ready to get out of these sweats, put some makeup on, and make magic out of my closet... because that is when I feel best and I deserve to feel my best! It's time to start feeling like ME again! Do you want to join me? Let's do this and be each others support system!

I wish for us to continue the work of not comparing ourselves to others. This is a continuous statement I put out in the world. When it comes to fashion and body image it is SO easy to look at other people and compare... STOP IT. You are uniquely you, you have your own unique style, and you have your own unique way. Sure, try to copy people's style but you will not shine as bright as when you find your own. That is why I have made it my life's mission to find ways to help you find your own personal style.

I wish that we find peace, joy, and gratitude in the space that we are currently in instead of waiting for it to come to us with statements like "when I _______ (i.e. loose 10 lbs, make more money, etc.), then I will be happy". Stop chasing happiness, instead look at what is right in front of you, close your eyes, and deeply breathe in gratitude. This does not mean to drop all goals and bettering yourself...but what it does mean, is to not be so lost in the chase that you don't enjoy the journey.

I wish that we continue to show up imperfectly. If you haven't noticed, gone are the days where we need to show up perfect. Social Media is leaning towards being more authentic, models are becoming all shapes and sizes, it's acceptable if you child runs through your Zoom work meeting... showing up imperfect is the new perfect...EMBRACE IT! Stop letting "not being perfect" hold you back from possibilities. Now is your time.

I wish that when we see stylish people we stop the comments like "Well they look good in that, but I could never wear that". You know why you could never wear that? Because you JUST TOLD YOURSELF that you couldn't. If you continue telling yourself you can't, you will never. You are programming your mind to limit your beliefs and it will believe that until you decide to do something about it. I get told all the time "Well Casey you can wear that because you can wear anything." You know why I can wear anything? Because I made it a point to start wearing anything I wanted to. It sounds so simple BECAUSE IT IS SO SIMPLE! I take chances on outfits, styles, and clothing because why not. Sure, I look back at some pictures and think "oh man, what was I thinking with that outfit" but I feel no regret, I feel more happiness because I took a chance.

These are my wishes for the WEAR JOY SOCIETY and I will do everything I can thing year to make them come true. Do you have anything else you want to add to the list? What are your wishes and goals for 2021?


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