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WEAR JOY PROJECT - My Fashion Journey & How I got Here

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I’m Casey, creator of the WEAR JOY project. I help change the relationship you have with your closet, bridging the gap between self-love advocate and fashion blogger. Before we go on this journey I want to share my fashion story with you.

I wasn’t ALWAYS into fashion, it mostly started in college. Although I graduated with a degree in Fashion, I don’t think it was my degree that brought it to life for me... Fashion became my ART when I was broke.

In college, I had a very college budget, which was close to nothing, but I was determined to still look fashionable. I exercised my creativity and created various outfits out of the very limited pieces I had, my closet became MAGIC. I realized that a closet was a magic box where I had the ability to stretch my wardrobe and stretch it well. It was amazing to feel the power I had. A spark was ignited.

For 15 years I went on to hold various jobs in the fashion industry…. into my proudest role, a women’s boutique owner on Melrose. I fell in love with working face-to-face with my clientele. Helping them find clothes that they would leave BEAMING in. It’s one of my very favorite things to do however that love got blurred when after about 3 years, my boutique wasn’t doing well and we had to close its doors.

Life was hard. It was my belief that the boutique was my last moment with fashion and I told myself to move on... so I did. That was three years ago.

Within those years I challenged myself to not buy clothes and still make magic out of my closet. I succeeded and ended up doing this for TWO YEARS!

After not buying clothes for two years I was still able to look at my closet and LOVE it. As I asked myself “how this was possible?” I started to realize my unique philosophies about clothing and my closet.

This is when I found my voice again. Just when I thought I was done with fashion, it is calling me back in a big way, to share what I know, so you can get as much joy from your closet as I do mine. Introducing the WEAR JOY PROJECT…. A place to feel inspired, to get tips, and a community of people who are out to love themselves more and look good while doing it... Let’s do this!

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