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How taking fashion not too seriously will help you find your style...

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FIRST AND FOREMOST: Never take fashion too seriously. You will hear me repeat that over and over and take the time to repeat it to yourself:
Never take fashion too seriously.
Your outfit does not need to be perfection before you walk out the door. You don’t have to be certain if a color, pattern, or fit looks good on you. Give yourself permission to try new pieces, new colors, new fabrics…. you will never know the possibilities of what might look good on you if you don’t try.
The only way to allow yourself to do this is to not take fashion too seriously.
Find the silly. Dress in costumes. Be able to laugh at yourself.
When I initially saw this jacket I laughed because I thought it was so ugly... but then, because it made me laugh, I wanted it! Little did I know it would become one of my favorite jackets and I actually wear it all the time! Every time I wear it I know it’s a little outrageous and that outrageous feeling brings me joy.
Never take fashion too seriously.
Right here, right now, say it to yourself, repeat it to yourself, allow yourself…. Don’t take fashion too seriously.

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