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Another reminder of how important GRATITUDE is when finding better style...

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You may have written off my last post as silly... the one where I tell you to say “thank you” to your closet.... but honestly this is the MOST IMPORTANT step in the WEAR JOY journey.

If we cannot find true gratitude for our clothes, and avoid treating them as simply disposable items, then we will never be truly satisfied with them and we will fail to learn how MAGIC our closets can really be.

No one taught us this growing up... what we were being taught is you needed the newest, hottest, latest to even fit in remotely... that having more meant feeling more joy... that we needed to stay in line like cattle and go with the crowd to be beautiful... you know what I say to that? F - that!

By telling you to say “thank you” to your closets is not a silly exercise, it is erasing everything we’ve been taught and literally rewiring our brains to start from scratch, help you feel more confident, and learn more about you and your closet than you’ve ever imagined.

So if you have not said “thank you” to your closet today, March right over and do so... this is not just an exercise, this is a way of life.

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