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5 Ways to Not Feel Like a Slob in Sweats

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For the last year it’s undeniable that we have spent more time in our sweats than we ever have before. If this is the new norm, how do we continue wearing our sweats and yoga pants without feeling like a slob? Here are 5 ways to elevate your style while still staying comfortable.

Usually when we wear sweats or leggings we tend to reach for something like an old baggy college sweatshirt or casual tee with holes in it. However, switch your mindset and pair them with something that has a bit more style. Maybe a cute sweater, a collared button down (like a flannel) worn open over a basic white tee, or a jean jacket layered on top. These ideas bring just as much comfort yet add some style to your day.

Get rid of overly holy, baggy, worn-out sweats. These are fine for PJs but make the decision to exclude these from your daytime wear. If you wear things that are relaxing night time clothes it will make you feel lazy throughout the day.

Put on a hat or some jewelry. Have a few stylish hats on hand that you can throw on. For jewelry, even putting on a simple necklace, bracelet, or earrings will help you feel good. Plus, simple jewelry is super cute with sweats or leggings.

Up your style and still stay casual by wearing flats, loafers, a stylized casual shoe (like TOMS), or even boots. A fashion favorite is to tuck your sweats into your boots and wear it with cute casual tee and jean jacket.

Even when the world opens back up Athleisure Wear (stylish activewear) will still remain a big part of our wardrobe. So ditch anything that makes you feel like a slob and invest in a variety of sweats and leggings that look good, fits you well, and makes you feel great. 

We are in a new age and its calls for a new way of thinking, having to redefine comfort and style as we once knew it. So take these suggestions and you will elevate your style, your mood, and your day.

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