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The Wear Joy Method - Complete Course

The Wear Joy Method - Complete Course

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WEAR JOY METHOD - Complete Style Course - Instructor Casey


Never feel lost in your closet again.

Turn your fashion frustrations into inspiration.
IGNORE TRENDS and FIND A STYLE that is uniquely you.


  • Approaching your closet every morning with joy and ease finding great outfits time and time again 
  • Loving your closet so much that every outfit is your favorite
  • Walking out of the house in clothes you feel great in and not caring what other people think
  • Feeling confident to take more chances in what you wear
  • Releasing the need to consistently buy new things and instead get excited to make new outfits with the clothes you already have
  • Making less of a carbon footprint on the earth because you are using clothes to their full extent and not being wasteful
  • AND showing up with more confidence and spreading joy to your friends, co-workers, and most importantly, if you have kids, being that example of confidence for them.

GUESS WHAT...you can have all of this!

I have spent the last 20+ years in the fashion industry learning the ins and outs of how women & style work so you don't have to. I have been a designer, stylist, personal shopper, and boutique owner and throughout the years watched, analyzed, and created a process to help women move out of self-doubt, insecurities, and basic style AND INTO joy, confidence, and limitless style possibilities.

ALSO, I too, have been there. 

I have struggled feeling out of touch with my closet as I became a new mama, staying at home during the pandemic, and losing and gaining weight through pregnancy and postpartum... but I USED MY OWN METHODS and got me out of my style funk and BACK IN LOVE with what I wear...

My 6-week life-changing style course will teach you everything you need to know.

Maybe you're thinking "this sounds impossible" or "this will take too much time" or "I just don't have the skills" but my friend, let me tell you...

  • My trainings and tips are fun and easy so it will not feel like work, you will feel empowered and excited to tackle these head-on
  • After learning my methods, you will actually save time each morning by having a guided approach to your closet. No more feeling lost. You will have the knowledge to find outfits with ease and get out of any style rut you find yourself in.
  • You only need to set aside one hour per a week for 6-weeks for the lesson
  • And put aside a little time each week to apply and practice the lesson
  • Learning style is not something you have to be born with, it is a learnable skill... all it takes is a little studying and practice.
  • I will help you bring yourself back to a student mentality so that trying new styles will be fun and exciting instead of scary and daunting.

IF YOU WANT A DIFFERENT RESULT YOU MUST DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! If you don't want to go through another year of angst and frustration with your clothes, then today is the day you choose to take action. Nothing is going to change if you don't change!

WEAR JOY METHOD - style class - style coach - style tips - get dressed with less stress

Unless you have a roadmap of how to achieve your personal style AND continue to stay inspired AND know how to transform your style to your ever-changing life then you will be stuck in the same place you are now... looking at your closet with lost eyes.


  • I will help lift you out of self-doubt during those low times you think you can't do this
  • Motivate you through this process to turn these lessons into habits
  • Guide you through this whole process and answer whatever questions you have.

Think of me as your personal trainer for style. We all know we need to work out, we can find free workouts everywhere, but a lot of the time it's necessary for us to pay a personal trainer to keep us motivated and get the results we want.


THE WEAR JOY METHOD - style tips - style class - fashion coach - get dressed with less stress

So sure you can find style advice all over the internet. You can spend countless hours looking at fashion magazines and bloggers wishing you had what they had BUT UNTIL YOU APPLY any of these style tips they mean nothing. I am here so you can stop scrolling and searching all over the internet for style advice, I will give you my true and tried methods, and I will keep you motivated... I WILL GET YOU RESULTS!

If a 6-week course sounds daunting, don’t worry we go slow. And remember it's only 1-hour a week and I help you accomplish each step. Also, it never expires, you can go at your own pace. I will be here the whole time. AND I'm pretty sure at the end of it, it will be so fun, you won't want it to end... you'll be asking me for more!!

So what are the details?
Here you GO!


Wear Joy Method - style tips - style class - fashion coach - get dressed with less stress

What does it mean to become a founding member?


You have come at the right time, for this offer will be unlike any other in the future.

This will eventually turn into a prerecorded course but for this time I want to make it more tailored to you, make sure I am covering all of your questions... and you basically get to help build this course with all the things YOU want to know.

Before the lesson each week, I will email you the topic and you can send me any questions you have about that topic. I will then try my best to cover all of them in the following training. 

Pretty awesome right?! A style class tailored just for you!

Alright alright, Casey, you got me... so how much is it?

style masterclass - fashion class - wear joy options

THESE ARE A STEAL OF A PRICE! If I were to do one hour of private style coaching for 6 weeks it would normally be $600! So here you get all the same information AND get a class tailored for you for only $289 is CRAZY!

If you are thinking, "I don't know Casey, this seems like a lot of money..."

  1. You're worth it! Having this newfound confidence is WORTH IT.
  2. You will actually SAVE. SO. MUCH. MONEY by gaining the skills to use your clothes in multiple ways and learning how to shop with intention instead of blindly buying random things that you don't know how to wear. This course will pay for itself.
  3. YOU'RE WORTH IT! Stop living in frustration and instead feel the ultimate joy and power you can get from what you wear!

Did I mention YOU. ARE. WORTH. IT.?

The WEAR JOY METHOD - style tips - style class - fashion coaching - get dresses with less stress - pencil skirt - outfits

If you are worried about the money, I have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the program you can email me and I will refund you. However, I ask that you complete AND APPLY the first 3-weeks of training before you call to cancel. Make sure you give this course (and yourself) a chance.

SO don't wait any longer!

I'm ready to walk hand-in-hand with you over this bridge and bring you into joy, confidence, and style. Let's get your power back. READY?


P.S. If you have any questions at all, email me at casey@wearjoyproject.com